So I'm just an 21 year old guy from Oregon using Tumblr. I would follow me. Interests: Let's see, Doctor Who, Sherlock, pretty much all video games, so many books I can't count but especially Dresden Files and The Book Theif, Supernatural, and many more. My posts say it all. Don't be afraid to say hello! Also I play League of Legends btw. Add me if you want : ziplobob2 I'm also on PSN as flairraine so hmu.
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    I was contacted by and asked if I could do a picture for one of the songs for his fanalbum and I was like OK! (one can never be involved in too many fan projects) and then I promptly forget there was a due date and got really sick this week and the album is already out and the track that I was doing art for (song 9— The Dead Song) was released without art because I didn’t get it finished on time.  WHOOPS.  

    Anyway!  The fanalbum is really cool, and you can take a listen to it RIGHT HERE:

    BUT A WORD OF CAUTION TO THIS TALE: Unfortunately the free downloads option has turned off, and they are struggling to find a way to shove it at people for free.  So PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW since they aren’t trying to make a cent off of this and are struggling with bandcamp on this issue— i really don’t know much about it, but this was supposed to be an all out free fanalbum so please don’t get all mad at them because this is a roadblock that they didn’t foresee!


    whoa this is really cool :0


    oh my GOODNESS!!!

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